male • straight • freelance artist

i work on random ass things!!!!!!!
dm me on twitter or discord for biz inquiries


  • oyajis

  • pokemon

  • yotsuba&!

  • touken ranbu

  • avgn

  • sanrio

  • yume nikki

  • stardew valley

  • size diff couples

  • higurashi

  • dungeons & daddies

  • golden kamuy

  • kekkai sensen

  • breaking bad

  • better call saul

  • 2000's anime art

*bolded is stuff i talk/think about a lot






- can I use your art as icons/layout?
yea but credit me pleaseee.
- can I repost your works?
please do not repost my art anywhere else, especially my patreon works.
- what program do you use to draw?
clip studio paint.
- what do you use to make your visual novels?
ren'py! it's free and i really recommend it if you're new to making visual novels.
- how long have you been drawing for?
about 9 years now.
- will you ever make merch of your characters?
i would love to but unfortunately i'm not sure where to start and i'm not really in a position to ship everything myself, haha.



Second character in picture:
-$20 from commission type cost is added
(ex. Waist-up: $50 [$30+ 2nd char])
What I can do:
Masc/femme bodies, Fan art, Ocs, Risqué stuff, Simple backgrounds (patterns n junk)
What I won't do:
Detailed backgrounds, Mecha/robots, Real people/actors, 3D reference (sry ffxiv ppl), Animals, Furries, Fetish-y stuff (hyper/feet/etc.), NSFW
I get paid first, work on a sketch and send it over, when approved I will complete it and send the image along with the PSD.
When asking about what you want it would be easier for me if you used this template! Just copy and paste!Commission: (Bust/Waist-up/Full)
Color: (No/Flat/Shaded)
Character(s): (Provide a link to a reference sheet)
Pose: (Describe a pose or provide an image reference of the pose)
Expression: (Describe an expression or provide an image reference of the expression)
Background style: (Pick a flat color/Pattern/Shapes/Transparent/Etc.)
Other Details: (Just extra details for me to know!)
Please ask if my commissions are open first before sending me the template!

  • I have every right to refuse your commission

  • NSFW is for close friends only

  • Prices are USD, PayPal only

  • Complex designs may raise price

  • I CANNOT REFUND ONCE PAID. Please be sure the amount your giving me is correct. My PayPal is locked to where I can't send money back unfortunately so PLEASE be 100% sure you're giving me the correct price!

  • I will calculate the price once you send me the template

  • Max people you can have in one picture is 2!

  • Please feel free to ask for progress screenshots whenever

  • Please credit me and tell me if you are going to be reposting my artwork somewhere for promotion (twitch, youtube, etc.)!

  • Please tell me if your commission will be for another person!

  • Comes with PSD! (May include ugly sketch lol)

  • I am quite busy so it will probably take awhile to finish, I apologize!

  • I accept tips!

( if you read all the rules please dm me "booba" to let me know! )

  • makima

  • professor sakuragi

  • doraemon

  • henry oak

  • keroppi

  • jeremiah