ur in the hokawazu zone

saturn - male - straight - freelance artist
Commission status: CLOSED INDEFINITELY

i work on random ass things!!!!!!!
dm me on twitter or discord for biz inquiries


  • oyajis

  • genshin impact

  • pokemon

  • fire emblem

  • stardew valley

  • touken ranbu

  • avgn

  • cookie run

  • size diff couples

  • higurashi

  • dungeons & daddies

  • sanrio

  • golden kamuy

  • kekkai sensen

  • breaking bad

  • dorohedoro




- can I use your art as icons/layout?
yea but credit me pleaseee.

- can I repost your works?
please do not repost my art anywhere else, especially my patreon works.

- what program do you use to draw?
clip studio paint.

- what do you use to make your visual novels?
ren'py! it's free and i really recommend it if you're new to making visual novels.

- how long have you been drawing for?
about 9 years now.

- will you ever make merch of your characters?
i would love to but unfortunately i'm not sure where to start and i'm not really in a position to ship everything myself, haha.